How We Do


What does it mean to "Illuminate?"

The concept of ‘Illuminating’ entails sharing Pretty Lights music, promoting Pretty Lights shows, and optimizing the live experience for all in attendance. As a group, the Illuminators have an arsenal of talents and personalities that serve as tools in curating a memorable experience for all who interact with them.

Illuminators effectively channel their creativity, passion for music, and knowledge of the scene in order to expand the Pretty Lights fan base and create a positive, safe, and healthy environment for all in attendance at shows. Illuminators also work to create an environment of inclusion, understanding that the beauty of a show is not only in the experience but the connections made with everyone in attendance.


Illuminators are committed to spreading the Pretty Lights movement and promoting a safe and positive atmosphere for all who attend Pretty Lights shows. They are community of extroverted volunteers who go the extra mile in exposing and celebrating all aspects of Pretty Lights’ music.

How Can I Get Involved?

Being a part of the Illuminators is an opportunity for devoted fans to get access to a unique side of Pretty Lights shows while sharing their passion for the music and giving back to the scene. This position is not a job so much as it is an outlet for those enthusiastic about Pretty Lights music to share their excitement with everyone around them!

Remember that being an Illuminator is a privilege, and the position should be treated as such. This means maintaining 100% sobriety when volunteering at shows, as well as being upbeat and ready to facilitate the fun at a moment's notice. Illuminators should be outgoing, excited to meet new people, and eager to help promote the Pretty Lights experience in all aspects. We want you to be yourself and encourage others to be just as hyped in order to make these shows a true success!

If you are interested in applying to be an illuminator, complete this application.

Acceptances will be made on a rolling basis.