On-site experience


Volunteering at a show is a one of a kind experience. As an Illuminator, you become a trusted source of knowledge and comfort for attendees that may not feel comfortable talking to venue staff. What’s just as important is your role as a facilitator of fun :) we expect you to join us with nothing but a positive attitude an a radiating energy that will get others in the crowd excited for the night. 

All on-site volunteers must remain sober for the entire night, no exceptions. If we find that you are under the influence at any point in the night, we hold the right to ask you to leave, and will risk ejection from the program as a whole. We want to be trusted figures for show goers, and that credibility gets thrown out the window when you are inebriated.

If you are an Illuminator interested in being part of the on-site experience, feel free to fill out an application specific to a tour stop, outlining how you intend to contribute to creating a positive environment during a show. We are specifically interested in an hearing about a project you intend to execute that is focused on crowd engagement and promoting a community of inclusion.

If you are selected to be part of the on-site experience, you will be notified via email.


I was chosen to be part of the on-site experience for a particular tour stop. Now what?
First off, congrats!! Stoked to have you onboard :) From here, expect another email with suggestions and comments around your project proposals, and please get started on those projects. We expect your proposed project to be fully assembled and ready to go by the time you arrive at the venue for the day you volunteer.

What if I already have a ticket for the day I was selected to Illuminate?
We will comp your ticket for the day you are selected to be part of the on-site team. So feel free to gift the ticket you already have or sell it for face value.

Can we work in pairs?
We always encourage interactivity within our teams, so you can definitely work in pairs. If this is the case, please mention who you intend to be pairing with for your project when you fill out an application so we know!

When I get to the venue, what do I need to bring?
Please bring your completed project, a check made out to Pretty Lights Live, Inc. for the cost of a night’s GA ticket, and a winning attitude :) We will provide dinner but understand that it’s going to be a long night - so we definitely encourage you to bring something to snack on throughout the event.

What’s the check for?
While we do give you a comp ticket for the night you volunteer, we require a check or cash in an envelope for the amount of a night’s GA ticket as collateral in case you fail to fulfill your duties, or if we find that you are not sober at any point throughout the night. We do not accept holding credit cards as a form of collateral. If you do not bring either a check or cash, you will not be permitted to Illuminate for the night, no exceptions.

What if I want to spearhead a charity initiative on behalf of the Illuminators?
That sounds dope. Since that is outside the scope of our normal activities, feel free to shoot us an email detailing your proposal and specifics on how you would execute the initiative. We can take it from there.


  • We will communicate with you via email a day or two before the night you are assigned to volunteer with details about where to meet at the venue. Expect to arrive at least 2 hours before doors open.

  • Once you are on-site, we will check you in, acquaint you with the venue and get some food in you.

  • When doors open, we let you loose :) Mingle with the crowd, engage attendees with your projects, and get people hype!

  • At the conclusion of the openers sets, we will all regroup and go over the basics of hydrating the crowd. The rest of the show will be dedicated to making sure the crowd is safe and hydrated!! If you want to continue to engage with people through your projects, you are more than welcome to do that as well.

  • At the end of the show, we will all meet to check out, and that Illuminator shirt is now yours!